Customer Resources

Boone Valley Builders will be offering a resource page for potential customers and for current & past customers. This page will contain information, contact numbers, and special offers that are helpful to you. Please excuse our dust as we continue to improve our website and our services to you.


We offer informational brochures to help educate potential customers about what we do, and how we stand apart in the home building market. View our current informational brochures:

  • Custom Home Brochure
  • Remodel and Additions Brochure
  • We also offer a checklist to help our customers get their project going, minimizing any setbacks due to specific items not being discussed.

  • Building Checklist
  • Contact Information

    We will soon add contact information for various sub-contractors and business partners to contact during the construction process. These will include electricians, HVAC contractors, and appliances & fixtures sales representatives.

    Special Offers

    This category will contain any special offers we are offering to new clients. If you’re considering a project, check back here often to look for any discounts or deals we may have for you.