Home Additions

Boone Valley Builders are experts with home additions, and we’re sharing our knowledge with you. In today’s market, selling your home may be difficult. Many families are stuck needing a larger home, but are unable to sell their current home. The solution is simple – why move when you can improve?

Why Move When You Can Improve?

Home Additions add more space and more value to your home. By adding an addition, you can wait out the current market conditions and sell when the time is right. However, as experts in home additions, we will make sure you’re not “over-improving.” This occurs when an addition is done too over-the-top for the area the home is in. Additions will give you the home you need, and improve the value of your home.

Boone Valley Builders makes your addition an easy process and as painless as possible. We have experience in all types of additions from simple to complex. We also maximize what you get for your money as much as possible. Contact us to talk about your plans for an addition – there are so many factors involved with additions it truly takes an expert like us to make a project possible.